Monday, February 26, 2007

Maybe I don't Want to Have Kids

What is our purpose in life...go to school, graduate, get a job, get married, have kids, retire and then watch as our offspring repeat what we spent the past 50 years of our lives doing? Is this really the agenda of my life? Recently while sitting in my sociology of reproduction class the professor chose to show a documentary that all women dread: "The Miracle of Birth". Not only do they track the conception and process of pregnancy in a woman, but they vividly show in detail, the birth of a newborn. No doubt about it, the graphic film was not a product of special effects. Amniotic fluid and all, they displayed the baby pop out with placenta in tow, and a flood of fluid gushing out of the female's womb right behind it. Needless to say, it was an immediate turnoff. And undoubtedly, I wasn't the only female in the audience digusted by the scene. But that isn't the only reason why a woman may not want to bear children. What if she career driven, with a different agenda besides nuturing offspring? Despite modern times today, there is still an unbalance with how much time a mother spends with the children compared with the amount of time a father spends with them. From the time of pregnancy, womens lives are already significantly affected by a baby. Taking leave from work. Backaches, frequent pains. Its all very grueling, and doesn't leave much time for playtime...or drinking for that matter. But as a woman in society, how taboo is it to not have children? Sure, I want my genes to live on, my own little piece of myself to accomplish the things I may not have in my own lifetime...but what if that means taking a huge chunk out of my lifetime just for that purpose? I mean...I want to be able to go skydiving and bungeegjumping without having to worry: "what if I don't live thru this...then who will teach my kids that its not okay to point at strangers?" Personally, I could care less about people labeling me as that woman who didn't have kids, but I do care about what I think...and how I will feel when I am in my late 50's, and wondering why I didn't pop out a few little ones. I don't have any regrets, and I refuse to create any. So whether it be for a more enriched life, or something for you and your loved one to share, or maybe just to have a bit of your legacy to carry on in this it for the right reasons.


hotdogman said...

Kids are gifts from heaven,
A product of a guy and girl,
Gems of the parents,
when they are not crying they are lovely,
when they do cry, smack them!


catsdogs said...

it seems a little selfish not to want kids

Athena said...

Don't you think it's more selfish to HAVE kids to make people like YOU catsdogs happy when you DON'T WANT them? You can NOT help what you do and don't WANT. I WANT to travel even more. I DON'T want it to rain today. I can't help wanting those things. It's selfish IMHO to HAVE kids if you don't have the resources to raise them properly or aren't 100% committed to it.